Beniganim reduces energy costs in its water tank by 15%

Beniganim City Council (Valencia, Spain) was in charge of managing the Bonavista water tank. The aim of the city council was to reduce operating costs and solve intermittent water supply problems.

The implementation of GoAigua technology solution achieved, among other results, a 15% saving in the energy costs of pumps activation. Local authorities and teams involved received the consultancy service for digital transformation during the whole process.

Challenges of the project

The goal of the project was to optimise the operation of the tank in order to reduce the cost of operating the pumps and to provide a high quality service to the population.

To this end, a sensor and digitalisation system was to be implemented, aimed at reducing energy costs and avoiding the presence of supply cuts due to low water volumes in the tank.

About Beniganim


Beniganim is a medium-sized municipality located in the interior of the Valencian Community (Spain).

  • Sector: Water
  • Location: Beniganim, Spain
  • Technology: GoAigua
  • Service: Consultancy

Applied Solution

The implementation of the project was carried out in 3 steps.

  • First, pumps and tanks were sensorized to collect relevant KPIs.
  • Afterwards, energy consumption and the real price of energy were monitored. GoAigua technology solution allowed to measure and predict water consumption. All data was integrated into GoAigua’s Big Data & IoT Platform.
  • Finally, tank filling was optimized by taking into account energy prices, tank water level and demand forecasting.

The consultancy service for the digital transformation of processes and the transmission of knowledge played a key role in this evolution.

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Jose García

Benefits and results

The result of the project was an increase in efficiency in the management of the water tank. Thanks to the optimization of pumping activation, energy costs were reduced by 15%. In addition, the increased control over the assets of the facility resulted in significant savings in maintenance costs and higher efficiency in field work.

On the other hand, water supply cuts disappeared thanks to, among other measures, the prediction of water demand at different levels (meter, building and DMA).

A centralized management of the tank was achieved through the monitoring of relevant KPIs in GoAigua’s platform: water and energy consumption, tank level, state of water pumps…

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-15% energy costs

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-20% maintenance costs

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