EPA company in Ecuador increases turnover by 500%

The public water company EPA in Ecuador was able to integrate the management of its billing system in a single platform.  Efficiency was boosted by combining personalized consulting on digital transformation with the implementation of GoAigua’s technology solution for Billing. Significant results were achieved, such as a 500% turnover increase and 300% collection increase.

Challenges of the project

EPA was seeking to improve its billing cycle management, starting from a situation where the functionalities of its previous ERP did not match its current needs.

The result was an increase in costs related to invoicing, work orders, debt management and fraud detection. At the same time, the client was not reaching its maximum revenue level due to unbilled customers and inaccurate collections.

The project required the incorporation of existing customers and contracts. In addition, EPA company aimed to improve customer satisfaction.

About EPA Ecuador

The public water company in Ecuador (Empresa Pública del Agua EPA) is dedicated to the management of water resources in the country. It has 37 offices in its territory.

  • Sector: Water
  • Location: Ecuador, Latin America
  • Technology: GoAigua – Billing
  • Service: Consultancy
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Applied Solution

GoAigua technology solution for Billing was implemented in the 37 EPA offices in Ecuador.

In a first stage, existing customers and their contracts were seamlessly integrated into the platform.

This led to the implementation of a quality, integrated and versatile ERP and a set of modules adapted to the customer’s needs:

  • Cadastral assets control
  • Customer service and Virtual Office
  • Contractual debt management
  • Automatic management of charges and invoices
  • Work orders optimization

For the success of the process, consulting aimed at the transmission of knowledge to EPA operators was key.

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Jose García

Benefits and results

The project has enabled a +500% increase in turnover thanks to the inclusion of previously unbilled customers. In addition, the reduction of non-revenue water, improvements in debt management and fraud detection have brought a significant increase in billing.

On the other hand, the Virtual Office and the customer service module implemented resulted in an increased customer satisfaction.

The 20% reduction in costs was achieved via greater efficiency in travelling, management of breakdowns in meters and communication between departments in the organization.

HAMADIcono turnover 80x80

+500% turnover

VALENCIA Icono efficiency 80x80

+300% collection

-80% customer complaints

HAMADIcono costs 80x80

-20% company costs

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