Valencia saves more than 4M m3 of water per year

The city of Valencia was facing the challenge of solving the leaks and frauds in its water network. In this context, the implementation of GoAigua – Leaks technology solution for leak detection, improved infrastructure monitoring and the specialised consultancy service for digital transformation, were decisive for achieving significant water savings in the city. At present, Valencia is saving more than 4 million m3 every year, and has reduced its leakage losses by 18%.

Challenges of the project

The initial state of infrastructure monitoring (pipes, pumps…) did not match the needs and growing population of the city. The same happened with the sectorization and sensorization of the distribution network.

In addition, Valencia was seeking to reduce the number of frauds and its 40% volume of losses in the network.

About Valencia

Valencia is one of the main cities in Spain (Europe), with a population of almost 800 thousand inhabitants. Global Omnium is the utility responsible for water management in the city.

  • Sector: Water
  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Technology: GoAigua – Leaks
  • Service: Consultancy

Applied solution

GoAigua – Leaks technology solution played a key role in addressing the challenges of Valencia city. To this end, a phased project was implemented.

  • First, the network was sectorized and flow meters and pressure gauges were installed in the DMAs.
  • The data received was then integrated into GoAigua’s Big Data & IoT Platform, achieving a centralized management.
  • Advanced algorithms were able to detect leaks, frauds and meter alterations in real time and for each sector.

All improvements included Idrica’s consulting services: technological, process-oriented and knowledge transmission to operators.

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Jose García

Benefits and results

The implementation of the project has resulted in savings of more than 4 million m3 water each year through the detection of leaks and frauds.

In addition, the efficiency of the network has been increased by 30% with respect to the previous situation, reaching 85% of total efficiency.

On the other hand, the automatic detection of leaks in less than 24 hours has reduced response time and losses in the network by 18% due to this cause.

The monitoring on a single platform of KPIs on the state and activity of facilities (pressure, flow) was another key result of the project, in which the more efficient management of the distribution network managed to reduce maintenance costs by 20%.

VALENCIA Icono water savings 80x80

>4M m3 saved per year

VALENCIA Icono efficiency 80x80

85% network efficiency

VALENCIA Icono leaks 80x80

-18% leakage losses

BENIGANIM Icono maintenance 80x80

-20% maintenance costs

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