Go Iagua

From Data Centric to Smart

GoAigua is the leading technology solution for water cycle management

GoAigua allows the integration of multiple data sources and applications building a cross-functional environment. The solution facilitates decision making and optimizes the operation and maintenance of water cycle processes.

Processes optimization

Drinking water

GOAIGUA_Drinking water 150x150

Technology for water catchment, purification and distribution.


GOAIGUA_Waste Water 150x150

Optimization of sewerage, treatment, reuse and urban drainage.


GOAIGUA_Irrigation 150x150

Innovation and automation based on advanced algorithms.

Proven ROI

- 0 %
system implementation costs
+ 0 %
network efficiency
1500 Tn
CO2 emissions saved
frauds detected per month

A Smart Approach to Water

Vendor-agnostic solution

Sensorized data from any vendor is integrated and normalized, providing a real-time holistic view of the water cycle.

Seamless integration

Implementation is done on top of legacy solutions and vendors, maintaining the existing software and hardware.

The value of experience

Functionalities are based on the design, development and callibration of GoAigua within a water utility.

Advanced O&M optimization

GoAigua includes the lessons learned from its successful international deployment in +400 municipalities.

A modular, scalable and vendor agnostic solution

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Modular Solution

1Business Applications

– Holistic view of the water cycle in a single point.
– Cross use cases and analytics.
– Northbound interface via APIs.

2Smart Water Engine

— Unique Data Model.
— Advanced AI Algorithms.

3Data Collection & Integration

— Agnostic data processing for any vendor or protocol.
— 3rd party data and platforms integration.

A holistic view of the water cycle


Centralized management tool that provides real time visualization, monitoring and operation of all assets managed by the same user. It also allows the creation of SCADA systems or integration with existing systems.


Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.


Monitoring of drinking water distribution networks at different hierarchical levels, using intelligent algorithms to detect leaks and frauds at early stage, among other functionalities.


Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.

Smart Metering

Generation, load and visualisation of readings and alarms from water meters installed at end customers supply points. The application can manage different type of readings available in the market: visual, walk-by, drive-by and fixed network.

Available for: Drinking Water, Irrigation.

Digital Twin

The solution allows obtaining a real-time model of the water distribution network, associating data from sensors installed in the network with conventional hydraulic models. In this way, the system simulates scenarios for the operation and management of a water supply network.

GOAIGUA_Digital Twin

Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater.

Work orders

Complete management of the preventive and corrective maintenance processes of the infrastructures of sanitation and the water cycle. GOAIGUA_Work Orders
Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.


Centralised management of the complete cycle of invoicing, collection and debt management. The solution allows the processes of the commercial system to be parameterised, based on previously defined rules and criteria (billable concepts and, rates, operational cycle, etc.).


Available for: Drinking Water, Irrigation.


This module enables complete customer service management of the commercial water cycle.


Available for: Drinking Water, Irrigation.

Asset Management

Evaluation of infrastructure conditions in the distribution network. Through smart algorithms, the system performs an asset renewal prioritization, in addition to investment simulations based on indicators.

GOAIGUA_Asset Management

Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.

Service Operation SOC

Module for the integration of all available applications. It provides a single management point for all active solutions and links them together via the data model and GoAigua’s intelligent algorithm engine.


Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.

Case Study

GoAigua boosted the efficiency of the airport’s facilities and extensive distribution networks, reducing the volume of non-registered water.

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