Expert services for the water sector

International experience of more than a decade supporting clients in water cycle management

Overcome the challenges of the industry

– Quality and safety guarantee
– Pollution detection and health protection
– Reduction of wastewater pollution

– State monitoring and lifespan increase
– Minimization of assets impairment
– Reduction of corrective maintenance costs

– Awareness of service status
– Water savings
– Reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint

– NRW reduction via real-time detection of leaks or anomalous consumption
– Optimization of network maintenance and renewal costs
– Reduction of discharge fees
– Energy and economic optimization in facilities
– Reduction of water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

– Elimination of consumption accumulations and reading estimates
– Readings taken from outside the house
– Internal leakage alerts
– Real consumption billing

- 20 %
claims for invoices
0 %
energy savings
- 0 %
maintenance costs
- 0 %
network losses

Services for water organizations

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Centralized management of the complete cycle of reading, billing and collection, regardless of the required parameterization and the rules or criteria previously established in the system (billable concepts, types of billing, rates, operational cycle…)

Operation & Maintenance

Management of infrastructures in the water cycle. We offer implementation services and the development of methodologies for digital transformation, such as Smart Metering infrastructure management or maintenance services based on Big Data.

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Development and execution of projects and works focused on satisfying the needs of the services managed by Idrica, and in line with the requirements of administrations and clients. Hydraulic modelling and fluid dynamic computing.


Specialized and multidisciplinary consultancy for the entire water cycle, in order to respond to the business challenges of our clients. Innovative solutions improve market positioning and efficiency, optimizing resource consumption.

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Case Study

The specialized advice on digital transformation, combined with the implementation of GoAigua’s solution for Billing, boosted efficiency in all phases of the cycle.

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